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Most frequent questions and answers

  DO NOT fully tighten the nuts of the ramp/tilt plate of the Motor-Mover Rear Wheel?
  Various models of Motor-Mover Rear Wheel are available for Harley-Davidson and Chopper models.
 How do I use the Rear Wheel Mover?
  Will my rim in the rear wheel Mover be damaged?
  Can my motorcycle remain in the Motor-Mover Rear Wheel for the entire winter period?
  Can I remove my rear wheel when my motorcycle is in the Motor-Mover Rear Wheel?
 What is the difference between single and double wheels?
 What is the difference between the Luxe and the standard Motor-Mover Rear Wheel?
 What is the advantage of the XXL-Mover compared to the Big-Bike Mover?
 Can I come by for a demo?
 Which payment methods do we accept?
 Will I receive a Track & Trace code?
 Warranty for 3 years for all Motor-Mover models.
  Right of return for items with a lower price.
  Shipping is free for the Netherlands
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